Short description
\"Pandoras Box\" is a novel about the return of Odyssey, but with an emphasis on questions about the meaning of his fight and how much does he belong to the world he has returned. The antique world described in the novel is actually our present: the world is obsessed with technics and sex, in which the tyranny and the democracy, scientists and religious fundamentalists, living and dead are confronted. Indeed, antique motives are so blended with modern that we no longer know if Pluto or Putin, Aristotle or Assange, Socrates or Snowden speak. At the same time, it is a novel about family and love, about separation and unification, about ambition and failure – about the abyss of the human soul from which all evil are coming out, but also the hope. The title of the novel is also its description: the reader is falling into the open box, and each new chapter is a new bottom that opens under his feet, to an unexpected and shocking ending. After all, we all know what happens when we open Pandora\\\'s box. So why do we always do it again? Boris Beck, born in 1965 in Zagreb, is assistant professor of journalism at the University North in Koprivnica. He is a long-time publicist and editor in various cultural and literal magazines and author of six books. His works have been published in Croatia, US, Poland, Bulgaria, Serbia and Bosnia Herzegovina his works have been published in Croatia, Poland, Bulgaria, Serbia and BiH and has received several literal awards.

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